For its fourth edition, SHOOT draws its sap from the singularity of an extraordinary year, out of frame, out of the bag, out of everything, yet this is the moment when everything is finally possible. Exactly.
Let’s see it.
Let’s keep it.
Let’s re-invent it.

Join Globule x SHOOT #04:

  • 3 Octobre: Globule Radio will be present at the opening of the SHOOT Festival which will take place at the Chamonix media library.
  • 14 Octobre: Globule Radio will host a live show for the closing of the festival, with a presentation of all the mini -feature episodes of “photos à l’aveugle” *bientôt disponible en podcast
  • For the full programme: click here


SHOOT#04 will be dedicated to photography i”dans son écrin”: book, map, installation. The accomplished publishers and artists will be showing their works at installations around Chamonix and in the mediathèque from 02/10 to 17/10/2020 and we are proud to be their partners.

Globule Radio
Impasse du Moulin
74 400 Chamonix